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Saturday 5 November 2016


Last night I had a dream.
I was running through a giant shopping mall, surrounded by a crowd. Bumping into shoulders and tripping over bags, my heart raced. Just as I was about to make my way down the escalator, my mind suddenly jumped to another place: an airport runway. On the cold, grey tarmac sat a giant white 747. A queue of passengers slowly made their way up the metal stairs to board. As I looked up from the tail end, panic smashed into me. Jumping back to the mall, I realised that I was meant to be on that flight. Being on the other side of the city however, I didn’t know how I was going to get there in time. And so I grabbed my bags and ran. I sped past shops and cafes and benches and stands. The faster I ran the more lost I became. The surroundings began to spin…and so I simply stopped. Standing there in the centre of the hustle and bustle, I realised something: sometimes in life, we can want something so badly it almost physically hurts. We can try and hope and wish and pray that it will come to fruition. We do everything we possibly can to fight for it until we are left exhausted. But in the surrendering, maybe something else is happening. What if the pain is there simply to pave the way for something else? Could it be that we need to have a little more trust in ourselves? And then I heard the words in my dream, as clear as day “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”.

And that’s the thing about life. If something is truly meant to be, it will happen when the time is right. We only have to believe.