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Saturday 24 September 2011

Sleeping satellite

Something is coming.
Hurtling across the universe at speeds of 5 miles per second to make its way home after 20 years, it is unstoppable. In a few hours the satellite will slam into the dense atmosphere and spectacularly break into a hundred fiery pieces.
I look up into the night sky and bathe gently in the silver rays. A trillion stars play silently above.
As I tilt my head upwards, an image flutters into my mind (stranger things have happened to me on a new moon but we won’t go there). I wonder about what the Earth would look like from all that way and how tiny we would appear. I picture the footprints left in the moon’s dusty terrain up there on that day in 1969 which remain to this day, untouched. A constant reminder of how a small step for man can be a giant leap for mankind.
Throughout history, people have been making their own indelible marks on the world a little closer to home every single day. Some footprints are celebrated with a fanfare of trombones, bass drums and confetti cannons exploding over a mass of onlookers, whilst others are less conspicuous, but none the less, change the course of history forever.
We are the stars on Earth and have the opportunity to shine just as brightly!

Sunday 18 September 2011

Perfect flaws

I never really paid much attention to geology at school. The hypnotic sound of my teacher talking provided the perfect soundtrack to which my attention slowly drifted up, up and out through the small open window above and into the blue sky.
If I had listened to her, I wouldn't have had to wait for this one fact which now pops up and out through my radio many years later. The presenter is cheerfully discussing gem stones and how they actually get their colour from the impurities within them. The bold blue of a sapphire comes from titanium and iron present. The fiery red ruby is born from the trace amounts of chromium within.
Having a fetish for factual titbits such as this got me thinking… If impurities and flaws all culminate to create something spectacularly beautiful in these stones, does the same apply to us? Could it be that our impurities and mistakes are the things which actually make us even more beautiful.
No-one is perfect and that’s what makes us perfect.
Sometimes it is those experiences which fashion us into more interesting people and without them, we would all be the same with no story to tell.
Embrace everything, every single part of you - the good, the bad and the beautiful. 

Sunday 11 September 2011


You have seen me before, I’m certain.
Turn on any news channel or spot me on YouTube. If you look closely enough, I am gently floating down towards the earth. One by one, each of my four white corners lift up and flip me over. Every now and then the reflection of bright red flame illuminates my side, causing me to momentarily glow like a star.
All around me is a deafening sound of glass smashing, steel breaking and sirens screeching.
The last thing I remember was lying on a desk in a non-descript plastic in-tray waiting to be filed later this morning….Then everything was turned upside down.
As I am slowly carried along by the breeze, I can’t help but wonder why.
I am surrounded by heroes and angels.
Fluttering down I realise that just as I can be recycled and change form, so too can love. Love is energy, and energy never dies. It will always remain and fill the Earth, forever alive.

On this, the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, I pray for peace. And to all the heroes and angels, I give you my heart.

Monday 5 September 2011

I do, part 2

Stepping out of the cool, atmospheric church the sun kissed my face through the trees, momentarily blinding me. Then as my vision cleared, I saw her...
Leaning in the doorway I watched as the last minute adjustments were made by all those around her and was transfixed at the way the gentle gust of wind played and danced around the fluttering train. Hairs on my arms stood up as my eyes ever so slightly misted. There was magic around that morning and for the briefest of moments everything stopped still.
I thought about her prince who waited patiently inside for her arrival and had no idea what was happening just outside the stone walls.
Smiling, I put my hands to my lips, blew her a kiss and turned to take my seat inside. Then a thought hit me. The love and light which was pulled into existence 29 years ago on a crisp, sunny day in February, as her beautiful mum stepped through that same doorway to meet her awaiting prince remained. Love had come around full circle. It stood stoically through snow, rain and blistering heat.
And it waited, and waited for this very day, undiluted by the years which have washed over it.
Every single piece of love we pull from our hearts will always remain, shining brightly for all to see.

To my beautiful friends, I wish you every piece of love and happiness in my heart… Always