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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Breakfast with a friend

As my eyes slowly opened to see the early morning sun peeking through a gap in the curtains, I was aware of a strange tip-tapping at the window. Stumbling sleepily across the room I pulled back the curtain to find, staring up at me, a beautiful mallard duck. With eyes locked, our curiosity over each other held us fixated. I couldn’t help smiling broadly as I stared at my new friend who had wandered over to look for me whilst I was sleeping just minutes earlier.
Looking into his beautifully cheeky eyes, I started to think about all the things that make up his being and what I admire most about him. His feathers are perfectly waterproofed allowing any unwanted and hurtful stuff to flow away like water off a duck’s back. His ability to take off almost vertically to clear any obstacle is an inspiration to anyone who believes that it is too challenging to soar in the face of adversity. Once in flight, my friend can reach speeds of up to 70 ft per second because he believes it is possible. He also does an awesome job of looking super cool and composed as he works hard to move forward in the current filled water.
I decided it was breakfast time and we bonded over a loaf of bread which was well received by both of us. After our feast he tilted his head and stared at me for a moment. We were both still, my heart wide open. Everything stopped. Then with one last tip of his head, I watched as he turned, quacked and waddled away back into the forest.
I laughed and wished him a long and happy life.

My new friend would love you to share his story on your Facebook and Twitter. Maybe even sign up and follow this blog... (he is a cheeky duck afterall).  


  1. shanni collins24 May 2011 at 22:23

    Thanks Jeff, needed that honey. The little things make so much difference. Good night to you & yours xx

  2. The little things always lift us up the most. Me and my little duck friend love you. Xx

  3. Love it. You have some great talents. Besides that I think you are a wonderful person. I knew that the 1st time we met....

  4. Such a lovely comment! Thanks so much mister. It means a lot when people read it.

  5. robot duck wishes you pleasant stay at centre parks :D haha love your blog, thank you for always making me smile <3 <3 <3

  6. Gotta love the robot ducks. They're just quackers...bad joke!!!! Thanks a million bits for following the blog every week. Means a lot to my duck and I. x


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