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Monday, 6 June 2011

The extravagance of love

There I was, 8 years old with my amazing A-Team duvet cover pulled up over my head, a question burning into my brain. It was keeping me awake and I needed an answer - How many people in the world can you love at one time and does the heart eventually fill up like my shoebox crammed with transformers? I drifted off to sleep that night having used up all of the fingers on both my tiny hands to count with, still no closer to a solution.
27 years and many loves later I am realising something. With all the things that should be used sparingly in life, love isn’t one of them.
So I say let’s be extravagant! Never be afraid to shout it, sing it, whisper it, scream it, chant it, show it, feel it or write it. Exercise no caution. Let it all fly out! It’s surprising how, the more we give, the more we have to give.
Opportunities to express love in all its forms are everywhere. We need to take our love ration books, tear them into a million pieces and throw them up into the air and watch as the pieces of our heart flutter outwards to land wherever they are needed.
I love you!

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