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Monday, 18 July 2011

Prime location

Friend: “So, do you like your new home?”
Me: “I really do. I guess it just takes a while to settle somewhere new”
Friend: “But all your boxes are empty now - It’s done.”
Me: “My things are all out but I haven’t even started with the emotional unpacking yet!”
Friend: “Hmmmmm...... Fancy a cup of tea?”

We spend so much time hoovering, cleaning, painting and washing that we forget to do the same for our inner homes. The internal cobwebs have built up slowly and the piles of out of date baggage touch the ceiling. A cold draft whistles through broken, dirty windows and everything is encased in a thick layer of accumulated dust.
So for every minute spent doing our household chores, let’s take an equal amount of time to care for our inner mansion. Put our caring cloth, health hoover and patience polish to good use and work on making it the most beautiful place to live in as possible. Paint our walls a brave, new colour which makes a bold statement about whom we are and choose to be.
The space inside us is real estate gold – the ultimate prime location and we need to take very good care of it. 

I am really missing posting on a weekend...Once I get the internet back in about 3 weeks things will get back to 'normal' (whatever that is). Till then, thanks for staying with it. 
Love and light.

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