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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Silent white

With a mighty push, the snow beneath you crunches and you're off. Quickly gaining momentum, the icy winter air hits your face and almost takes your breath away. Trees start to blur all around as adrenaline rushes through every part of your body. You are completely liberated, just you and your sledge gliding gracefully downwards.
Feeling the sledge begin to lose speed, I would always lurch to the side and come rolling off with dramatic flair to highlight the end of the journey. With snow still clumped heavily in my hat, I would turn and make my way back to the top once again, a step at a time. This was always the longest part of the adventure. Faithfully dragging the sledge behind me, I couldn't wait to push off at the top once again to fly like a bird.
Years later, I feel that same shift in the air and know that the season is transforming once again. Snow is getting ready to fall bringing with it a change of scenery.
A part of me smiles at the chaos that is caused by the silent arrival of snow. Cars begin to slow down, trains stop running and the city gets just that little bit quieter.
As children, waking up to a blanket of snow was the most exciting thing in the world, ever! Every street corner became a playground and each untouched layer of crisp, white snow was an open invitation to run through it with wild abandon, far too tempting to walk past.
Snow brings with it a subtle reminder to look for every shining piece of fun in life and enjoy each moment.
Take the time to build the snowman you haven't seen for years, and make him smile.


  1. Growing up in the city (NY), I loved how the streets were transformed after a major snowstorm. The quiet. The freedom. Snow angels and snowmen. It brings back beautiful memories. But I like not having to deal with the inconvenience now. So, I'll just hold onto those memories while I sip coffee in a warm and sunny plaza.

  2. NY is stunning covered in white and I love it when a city is still for a bit. Nice memories to have I say! You sound nice and warm over there now in your plaza. Happy days :-) Hope you are looking forward to the holidays and do something nice.


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