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Sunday, 8 January 2012


The bongs rang out, hairs stood up and the breeze of hope rushed in. The warm embrace of each resolution hung heavy in the air set against a backdrop of spectacular pyrotechnics.
Well, first was the inspiring 'To get fit and tone up', followed closely by the vaguer 'Sort out my career' which was then tailed by the troublesome 'Eat less chocolate'...
I am sure I'm not the only one who makes such internal declarations every New Year. With all the best intentions, the year usually starts off positively and then slowly, one by one, old habits begin to creep in through the cat flap. Before you know it, you are making the same resolutions twelve months later all the while thinking 'This will be the year...'
For 2012 I have a different plan.
My list is shorter and weighs less heavily on my shoulders. It's time to simplify. This year my resolution is this: When presented with a choice, I will ask myself 'What would the most incredible version of me do?' and wait for the answer.
Changes mostly arrive when we aren't looking and sometimes our mini successes come to rest right next to us without fanfare. But they come anyway and bring us one step closer to the person we wish to be.
We are growing every day. Each moment is an exciting new beginning and a perfect opportunity to show the world how amazing we truly are. You are!


  1. That's so true! We need to stop waiting for the big and cherish the small, the daily. And be able to appreciate what comes our way on a constant alert and positive atitude. Because everyone has got a better version of themselves and it can accomplish a lot :-) (maybe not once a year and not in a grand scale)

  2. Absolutely. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to change everything in one go. We end up feeling disillusioned and tired. Here's to small positive steps. x

  3. I totally agree. The best way to accomplish something is to set smaller and feasible goals, getting there step by step.
    Eat less chocolate? Never!

  4. Thanks Jay. Haha, well I think I am with you on the chocolate issue now. Hope you had a good New Year Sir.

  5. I have this actual picture when I went to Rome :-)

  6. Hey, do you? The Pantheon is so beautiful isn't it! Did you have a nice time in Rome?

  7. I would like to be the most incredible version of me. Bit by bit, I'm getting there. Looking at my kids and my partner, I realize that I must be pretty incredible to experience such incredible love, or just plain lucky. :)

    Happy New Year Jeff.

  8. Hi Bill,
    It is a journey isn't it! Glad that you are on it. Having a wonderful partner and beautiful kids makes you a very lucky man. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and may 2012 be a great one for you all. :-)


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