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Sunday, 23 September 2012


Autumnal evening rain begins to fall. The sky was blue when I left the house this morning and now cool drops are finding their way onto my face as strangers around me begin to rush home.
I make my way up the steps towards the platform and look up at the illuminated board.
Next train: 4 minutes.
At least I'm undercover. And so I stand there at the top, sheltered from the rain, looking around.
I watch as a couple on the other platform walk slowly from one end to the other, pulling heavy cases behind them. I wonder where they have travelled from and where they are going. The only other person on my platform is a man sitting at the end, engrossed in the evening edition of a newspaper. I wonder what story he is reading and what he makes of this crazy, beautiful world we live in. My attention is pulled upwards as a plane begins to climb noisily away from City Airport. Soon it will be high above the clouds just in time to catch the last glimpse of a burning sunset, invisible to the rest of us down here.
Next train: 2 minutes.
My mind starts to wander and I think about how everything seems to be in a constant state of change. Conversations and moments flood my mind as rain continues to fall onto glistening concrete.
And then I realise something.
I will never again be standing on this platform, watching these particular people on this wet, late September evening. As soon as I leave here, this moment will be gone, forever.
As the train pulls gently in, I'm reminded that wherever we go in life and whatever we do, we only ever have this moment...And everything's perfect.


  1. How true, every single moment of life is the only time that exact moment will happen. It is nice to realise this in order to enjoy each and every moment we live to the full.

    1. Hey Jason, it really does. Nice to live in the moment.

  2. You paint such beautiful and thought-provoking pictures.

  3. What a beautiful moment in time, I feel as though I am right there with you. xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Next time you are here we will do something nice. xx


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