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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Click, flash

A generation gone stares back at me through a sepia-toned window. As soon as I open the dusty album, images and associations splash silently over me. Relatives I once knew and loved smile joyfully through the lens, straight into my heart; some proudly wearing medal-embellished uniforms, others sporting the latest beehive hairdos equally as proud.
I look on as page after page reveals another connection to my past, another piece of the puzzle.
And then, just as I am beginning to get lost on this little trip, a wave of melancholy gently washes over me as I am reminded of how fleeting everything is. Life seems to go by at such velocity these days, we can sometimes forget to take the moment to stop and notice all the amazing things that surround us; people we love, the random acts of kindness, lessons learnt through tears.
We click and capture those precious memories that act as a witness to our own personal journey, and despite being utterly powerless to alter our past, there is a freedom in the knowledge that we still have today...a chance to grow, to change, to fly.
And as I optimistically turn the final page of this dusty collection, I can't help but wonder about all the albums that are yet to come; pages of moments that will last an eternity.


  1. I remember the shock when I opened one of my own old photo albums and discovered that the pages were all browned and brittle. Just like my parents' photo albums were when I was growing up. Time marches on. (I scanned all the photos!)

  2. It's good that you scanned them in before you lost some precious photos Mitch. I did the same with all the old family ones, some of which were crumbling too. Hehe, time really does march on regardless. Hope you guys are well and happy.

  3. I am off the generation that all my photos are stored in a digital world. I have very few physical photos. I should really take the time to make some real copies.

  4. Do we cease to exist without a photographic record....once we are "gone"?


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