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Monday, 30 September 2013

The change

The air is chilly. Something has changed. There were no fireworks, no announcements...just a simple glance downwards to spot the lone golden leaf adorning the evening pavement.
Trees will soon be bare and sunsets will arrive just that little bit earlier. And so comes the change.
The carefully packed boxes in my lounge suddenly make me realise that in two weeks, I will no longer be here - here in this flat, looking out over towards the glistening canal.
I will be gone.
As I watch summer skip merrily away for another year, I can't help but wonder what this new season will bring. Who will I be when the snow starts to fall?
A cold breeze whistles across my body and makes it shudder. Then as I zip up my hoodie, I look over towards the water. It is still flowing gently like it did the day before.
Then I realise something: As much as change can be scary, we have no choice but to embrace it. Whether we like it or not, everything on our beautiful planet changes every single day. It's meant to be that way. Every sunrise and season brings with it new opportunities; a chance to smile, to dance, to grow.
The cold pulls me out of my thoughts and I head inside. I lock the door, close my blinds, and turn on the lamp. The room is instantly bathed in a warm glow...and suddenly everything changes.


  1. Hello :-) This post could not be more appropriate at the moment! As always your observations speak so much truth and value. Thank you x x

    1. Thank you lovely! I wish you all the luck in the world with your exciting changes. Xx

  2. I'd like autumn more if it wasn't quite so cold out! I love watching the leaves fall from the trees, and I always feel like a kid when I run (well ok walk fast) through the park and feel them crunching underfoot. I so want to jump in a pile of them and throw them up in the air, like we did as kids.........adults rarely get to have that sort of fun!

    1. I hear that Jason! Leaves crunching you're talking. And as for playing in them, I say DO IT! :-)


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