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Monday, 5 September 2011

I do, part 2

Stepping out of the cool, atmospheric church the sun kissed my face through the trees, momentarily blinding me. Then as my vision cleared, I saw her...
Leaning in the doorway I watched as the last minute adjustments were made by all those around her and was transfixed at the way the gentle gust of wind played and danced around the fluttering train. Hairs on my arms stood up as my eyes ever so slightly misted. There was magic around that morning and for the briefest of moments everything stopped still.
I thought about her prince who waited patiently inside for her arrival and had no idea what was happening just outside the stone walls.
Smiling, I put my hands to my lips, blew her a kiss and turned to take my seat inside. Then a thought hit me. The love and light which was pulled into existence 29 years ago on a crisp, sunny day in February, as her beautiful mum stepped through that same doorway to meet her awaiting prince remained. Love had come around full circle. It stood stoically through snow, rain and blistering heat.
And it waited, and waited for this very day, undiluted by the years which have washed over it.
Every single piece of love we pull from our hearts will always remain, shining brightly for all to see.

To my beautiful friends, I wish you every piece of love and happiness in my heart… Always


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