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Sunday, 18 March 2012

59 seconds

59 seconds...
My arms fling around her neck and I pull her in tightly. There we stand in our embrace. The world stops spinning as I feel her chest move in and out with every breath. I can smell her perfume. It throws me right back. With all my might, I pull away and look into her smiling face. Her auburn hair glistens in the sun and is blown ever so gently in the breeze.
47 seconds...
I am finding it hard to form words but I know that I don't have long.
"I have so many questions to ask, I don't know where to begin. Where have you been all this time? I couldn't find you anywhere".
She smiles.
"I didn't go anywhere, my darling. I have been here with you the whole time. Remember the day you stood looking over at the ocean and tears ran down your face? I was there holding you. Just look in the mirror; you have my eyes".
30 seconds...
"Do you have any regrets?"
She thinks about this question for a second.
"Life is too short for regrets, my angel boy. Every choice we make takes us to another place. There is no right or wrong; just life experience. We always get to where we are meant to be eventually anyway. Trust your instincts".
18 seconds...
A breeze picks up and swirls pink blossom around us.
"Why does life sometimes feel so hard? Some days it feels impossible to move through".
Her hands lift up towards my face and as they hold onto me, she looks directly into my eyes.
"There will always be challenges to overcome. That is part of life. Please remember, these are only opportunities to show the world who you really are. We are stronger than our bodies give us credit for. Use these times to shine, my darling boy".
7 seconds...
A wave of anger washes over me as I realise that this is it.
"I miss you so much. I wish you were always here. I have so many questions still to ask".
"I know my angel, I know. Everything we need to know is inside each and every one of us. Never forget how much I love you. I live in your heart. You are never alone".
1 second...
I hug her so tightly; I worry that she might break. The wind picks up...and she is gone.
Just one more minute.

If you could have just one minute more, what would you ask?


  1. This is so beautifully written and so thoughtful (thought-filled). I have never been able to consider the question of "if I had one minute more..."! Too emotionally charged perhaps. I accept that I simply don't/didn't have one minute more and I leave it at that... for myself. But it always moves me when I read what other's might ask.

  2. Hey Mitch,
    I think for most of us the idea of one minute more is too emotionally charged. I think because I was only 6, I am fascinated by that idea. You are right though that we have to accept things as they are. I also wanted to put across the idea that we are surrounded by loved ones right now and we have the luxury of lots of minutes. :-)
    Thank you for being a part of this discussion.

  3. I would just smile. Questions will always go unanswered and indicate a kind of holding on. Nothing is permanent.

  4. A smile is so powerful! And you're right, everything changes.
    Have a great day.

  5. Jeff: It's so very, very difficult. I think I would have to settle for "thank you for everything," and the rest a hug. There's always too much and too little to say.

  6. I love this post, so moving, in fact I've been thinking about it for a couple of days.

    I'm still no nearer to answering the question, but, that perhaps, for me, is a good thing. Thanks.

  7. I would tell my dad that I love him and forgive him and would tell him about how well I am doing now. I wasn't really on a winning track at the time of his death.

    Hey, thank you for visiting by both of my blogs and sorry for the delayed response.

    1. That's so very, very hard to answer. Too much to say, and not enough. I think I'd want most of all to end with "thank you for everything; for you" and the rest a hug.

  8. Hi Jason, that means so much! Thank you. I think it might be a universal thing. There never seems to be enough time.
    Have a great day my friend!

    Elliot, that's beautiful. Forgiveness is so powerful isn't it. I would like to think that he already knows how well you are doing. Keep on shining.

    Hey Christie, reading everyone's comments makes me realise that it is so important to express how much people mean to us. Every day is a new opportunity. Take care.


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