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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wet wings

The first few drops of cool spring rain splash onto the dark pavement below and quickly cover the bustling city. I watch as the drops roll down the glass and leave behind a glistening, hypnotic trail.
Light from shop windows spill out to reflect off the wet pavement and bounce up into the twinkling night sky. Everything shimmers around the giant angel wings in the centre of the square. I love those wings, outstretched and ready to fly.
Rain falls harder now and forces people below to run for cover in doorways and seek refuge from the sudden downpour. I smile as I watch the weaving dance with a feeling of warmth washing over me. I am right where I'm meant to be.
A memory of getting soaked to the skin in Milan splashes into my mind and rolls back out again just as quickly.
There is that magnificent moment when your clothes get sodden and you feel the cool water begin to seep through onto warm skin and you realise that there is no point in running for cover. And so you stand in the moment and become part of the downpour. The surrender brings peace. Nothing else exists in that minute.
The rain begins to ease off and doorways are slowly becoming empty once again.
I should make my way outside now and down towards the tube...but not just yet. I want to watch the angel wings for a little while longer.


  1. I liked the picture with the Angel Wings. And you're description of the moment was very poetic, as usual.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Beautiful, magical photo and writing. It made me smile to think of the last time I experienced that soaking wet release (giving in) of a warm rain. It was on the Mall in Washington DC with my adored mother-in-law who died in 1999. We were at first running from the Museum of American History across to the Smithsonian "Castle." We were finally so soaked in the downpour that we burst out laughing and walked slowly hand-in-hand as everyone ran around us. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi Jay - Thanks so much! The wings are in one of my favourite areas of London (Angel). I love it there when it is raining
    Hey Mitch - Thanks a lot! What a beautiful memory and I love that image. Really special.


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