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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Excess baggage

I settle down onto the warm concrete ledge and wheel my bag closer in between my legs. As I lean forward to rest my arms upon it, a gust of wind whistles around the corner, up the steps, past the coffee shop and smashes into my face, forcing me to involuntarily close my eyes for a moment before continuing its journey towards the ticket hall and beyond. It is windy this afternoon despite the presence of blazing sun.
With my chin resting on my arms, I watch as people weave in and out of each other in a tangled dance of bodies and bags. It is fascinating.
And my mind begins to wander...I am catapulted back to the last time I stood in this station, surrounded by a sea of people and am instantly struck by associations.
As we navigate our way through life's twists and turns, inevitably, events can leave us with emotional baggage. Sometimes, the weight is so minimal, we barely notice it. And other times, it can feel like we are carrying around a big, old house with absolutely no idea of how to get rid of it.
Every day holds a new lesson for us and the challenge is to take the good from the bad and leave the rest behind...And if we are lucky enough, we might just have people in our life who will help us unpack...


  1. This is absolutely beautiful Jeff. You're a wordsmith my friend, and my personal cyber-guru! Food for thought, thank you for delivery it in the senstive and stylish way you always seem to do so effortlessly.

  2. Mr Alp, you are amazing! Thank you so much for all your support and kind words. You are a true gent.

  3. Some days I DO feel like I'm carrying around a big old house. Thanks for putting it into words for me. You are truly gifted.

  4. I never knew how to put it into words, a big old true,profound. And yes if we are lucky we have someone to help us unpack.

    Just found your blog, so glad I did :)

  5. It's hard work carrying it around isn't it Mitch.... Good job we have beautiful friends and family to help us unpack.
    Hey Monkey Man. Thanks so much for finding my blog and for leaving your lovely comment. It's great to hear from you.

  6. The key is to learn how to travel light, because in the end do we really need all this baggage?

  7. That's absolutely true Bill. Being light with life is so freeing. A good lesson to learn... :-)


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