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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunshine after the rain

Warm Sunday morning sun begins to dry off the remaining drops of water which glisten on the green leaves below. It rained again in the night. The hypnotic beating on my bedroom window usually sends me into a deep sleep within minutes.
Fresh coffee in hand, I sit on my balcony and look out. It has been a tough week and for the first time in ages, I completely fill my lungs with air and notice how instantly my muscles thank me for it.
Regardless of all the challenges we face and all the mountains we have to climb, life still goes on. The earth hasn't stopped moving. Neither has the canal, meandering gently past. And birds continue to sing joyfully overhead with a song that I don't quite understand but love none the less.
I notice a tiny spider descending slowly down a single piece of silvery thread towards her newly built web. She must have set to work early this morning as soon as the rain had stopped falling. And there is blue sky above once again. There has been so much rain lately, it seemed like the sky would be forever grey.
It is easy to get lost in our daily struggles and bogged down in our thoughts… But nothing happens for nothing and I can't help but wonder if the key to happiness and everything else we seek, has been within us the whole time.

Just to let you know that I have written another piece for the beautiful PoV magazine which is available to download now for free.'Vanish' is my third contribution so go and check it out...


  1. Jeff,

    This helped me smile this morning after a long and hard week of life. Thank you for sharing this with us all. My day is better because of your words.


  2. Will definitely go check out PoV! Thanks for the link. I love the sound of rain on the window (haven't heard it in months here), but I imagine it's gotten a bit old for you by now. Wishing you some sunshine in all facets of your life!

  3. Hi Daemon, I'm so glad it made you smile :-) Hope you had a relaxing weekend and your week ahead is full of joy.
    Hey Mitch, there has been lots of rain on windows lately...but today is beautifully sunny :-) Thanks for sending some over.


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