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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The naughty step

Right, that’s it! Go and sit on the naughty step and have a long, hard think about what you’ve done!

Okay so while we are sitting here for a bit I wanted to ask you something. Have you been here before? I have. Many times! Not for refusing to eat my greens or for being cheeky or even for not tidying my room (the floordrobe I have is a walk-in by the way). The step I am talking about is the place we go to voluntarily to punish ourselves. The space in which the internal monologue throws all the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s in our face and tells us how stupid we were. We mull it over until our head hurts. All of that self flagellation leaving deep red marks on our backs and conscience.
So when will we give ourselves permission to get up off the step and forgive ourselves? Crime and time done! Finito!
It seems that out of habit the naughty step has become our home from home. Like a self-imposed prison of guilt which we have refurbished to make the whole beating ourselves up experience more comfortable.
We miss out on so much by looking back at things we may have said or done. If we can’t make things right, then it’s time to draw a line under it, move on and vow never to do that again and congratulate ourselves for being one step closer to becoming a better person with a more open heart.

Right, times up. You may get off the naughty step and come back into the room. All is forgiven.  Now come and let me give you a hug!!!

(Thanks to my beautiful niece Renn for being the best model in the world - you rock angel)


  1. shit! I can totally relate to that... can I come out and play now?

  2. I think nearly everyone has been there at some point. Some never get off either. You can be as playful as you like!

  3. This is one of my faves!!!!!, and as for that little person on the step, well.........something tells me she will be visiting it quite often!!! xxx


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