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Monday, 11 April 2011

April showers

As the darkening clouds churn above and quickly expand, I know what is coming.
Feeling the gusty wind pick up to send the white blossom dancing around me like confetti, all the hairs on my body stand up to greet the change. That familiar scent hangs in the air; a mixture of damp, woodland foliage and floral cardboard. Remembering how the sun had tenderly stroked my hair this afternoon, I quicken my pace along the tree lined street towards home.
I start to think about our beautiful season that has returned once again with a pile of delicately wrapped gifts stashed under her arms and a little surprise. I have missed this old friend.
Spring always fills me with optimism and hope - a breath of fresh air to carry us along our journey. It is the season to forgive and forget, to let go and grow.
I smile as I close my eyes and feel the first few drops of cool spring rain splash onto my face and run down my neck. The heavens open and in less than 3 seconds I am soaked through, but it doesn’t matter one bit. Spring is back!

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