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Monday, 4 April 2011

The woman beside me

Someone is following me.
It has been happening for years. I always feel them right behind me as I am walking home through the abandoned street market in the chilly midnight hours of Sunday, slightly tipsy. And they are there too as I weave in and out of the crammed streets of Covent Garden on a Saturday and even just before I open my eyes first thing in the morning. Sometimes I keep them closed for a few seconds after waking just to see if they make a sound and give up their position. Inches from my fingertips, I could almost reach out and touch them. But I never do and the second I flash open my eyes to the early sun, they have vanished again.
When I was six my beautiful mum made a promise to me and judging by this constant presence in my life, it has never been broken. She stayed true to her word.
I have been blessed to witness the many different relationships that people have with their mothers and the unbreakable bond that connects. It is truly beautiful.
Having this one day a year to acknowledge all that is maternal is a golden opportunity for us to say a heartfelt thank you to those amazing women and to celebrate our connection to the one person who lovingly carried us into being and allowed us to shine our light into the world.

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