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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day out

Watching as he slowly climbs, one foot in front of the other, he reaches the top. Triumphantly, he stands at the peak for a minute to take in the view - the wind blowing through silky brown hair. Lifting his hands to his face, he pushes it aside before beginning the 3 second journey to the bottom of the slide, accompanied by a chorus of laughter from the pair of us. 
Lifting him high into the air I spin him around.
"That was fun! What shall we do now?" he asks excitedly as I take his tiny hand in mine.
"I know a really cool place, you’ll love it" I say with a smile.
Feeling the sand in between our toes, we walk along listening to the waves gently crash against the shore and the greedy seagulls, circle overhead. The sun warming our faces as every few steps, he bends down to pick up another smooth pebble or a shell. One by one he places them delicately into my hand as if they were priceless treasures, to join the rest of them in my now bulging pocket.
There is something so vulnerable about him; I vow to protect him with everything I have. I will never leave him and never let him forget how special he is.
And on we walk until the sun turns a golden red and the sparkling sea moves out to follow it, leaving behind glistening sand.
"Little man", I say as I scoop him up into my arms and give him a big squeeze, "You can be whatever you want to be! Never forget that. You are amazing".
He giggles. I laugh.
With that, we turn off the beach, and slowly make our way home.
"I love you" he says, still looking up at the evening sky, now filling with stars.
"I love you too little man. I always will".

If I could have a single day, that's how I would spend it with my tiny self. It would be beautiful.


  1. Well, look at this, a wonderful story about you Jeff. You know, I wrote my reaction on FB, but honestly, I believe some change has been going on. Even if you don´t like my comments and you erase them, I hope they stay in your mind. Because that is what real friends do, give criticism from the heart and even when we don´t understand it completely, we hope we all get better. Btw, I think I was the 10k viewer, do I get a car or a comment? Love you, never forget that.

  2. I love the whole idea of this! I'm imagining how I would spend that one day with MY tiny self.

  3. Hey, thanks mate! Would love to know what you and mini Mitch would do for the day... Have an ice-cream for me won't you :-)

  4. I remember this little man in the photo, only too well. I will always see you like this Jeff, only now, I have great respect and admiration for the man you have become. You are still that sweet lovely little man. The only thing that has changed is your height. xx Lil Big Sis

  5. Ahh, my beautiful sis. Thank you! And like you, my height hasn't changed that much. We were always destined to be Hobbits. Love you xx


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